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Cory King is the dedicated founder and lead consultant of Coastal Air Assessments, a premier indoor environmental inspection company based in South Florida. With a strong commitment to transparency, accuracy, and client-centered service, Cory has built a reputation for delivering reliable and comprehensive environmental consulting services to a diverse clientele, including homeowners, business owners, property managers, and healthcare providers.

Cory's expertise is grounded in a scientific approach, utilizing rigorous data and industry guidelines to ensure the highest standards of indoor air quality and environmental safety. Under his leadership, Coastal Air Assessments offers a wide range of testing and investigative services, including mold assessments, indoor air quality testing, asbestos surveys, lead paint inspections, and volatile organic compound (VOC) testing.

Equipped with advanced tools such as the InstaScope real-time air quality monitoring device, Cory and his team provide immediate on-site results, enabling faster decision-making and effective remediation recommendations. Their detailed reports and professional consultations are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Cory holds multiple certifications, including a state license, ACAC certification, HAZwopper 24, AHERA, and a lead paint inspector's license. He is also a state-licensed qualifier, demonstrating his commitment to ongoing professional development and staying current with industry best practices.

With a deep understanding of South Florida's unique environmental challenges and regulations, Cory King and Coastal Air Assessments are dedicated to promoting health and safety through expert environmental assessments and personalized client support. Whether addressing mold concerns or conducting comprehensive indoor air quality evaluations, Cory's unwavering dedication to excellence makes Coastal Air Assessments a trusted partner in maintaining safe and healthy indoor spaces.

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