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We want to help raise awareness about the prevalence and danger of asbestos in older buildings.

Asbestos awareness has dramatically increased since it was officially banned from being included in new construction products in 1989, but because it was used so pervasively in construction prior to that time, the risk of encountering it is still higher than most people like to think about. The main danger with asbestos is that if it becomes airborne, it can get into your lungs and cause illnesses, such as a particular type of lung cancer known as mesothelioma. At Coastal Air Assessments, our goal is to increase asbestos awareness in the community here in West Palm Beach, Florida to help protect people from unknowingly exposing themselves or others to this dangerous material.

Asbestos Awareness in West Palm Beach, Florida

One of the key aspects of asbestos awareness that we like to stress is that you should not panic if you have reason to believe there may be asbestos present in your workplace or home. The best way to determine if a building is made with asbestos is to have the proper testing done, which is where our team comes in. Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove materials that you think might contain asbestos, such as insulation, vinyl flooring or tiles, or popcorn ceilings, as that process should only be done by professionals who have the proper equipment to handle it safely. Our team has all the proper training to assess the area and determine if asbestos is present, and we can even help you determine your next steps if we find that it is.

Asbestos awareness is an important aspect of life for anyone who lives or works in older buildings where this dangerous material can be found. If you are concerned about the risk of asbestos where you live or work, contact our team to get started with our asbestos surveying and testing services.

At Coastal Air Assessments, we provide information about asbestos awareness for customers in West Palm Beach, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.