Asbestos Inspections 101: What to Expect During Your Next Inspection

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If you’re having an asbestos inspection performed at your home or commercial building, you probably have a lot of anxieties about the process. Asbestos exposure can have serious health consequences, so it’s no wonder that people tend to feel worried about themselves, their loved ones, or those who use visit the property when they think there is a risk of exposure. Knowing how you can best prepare for upcoming asbestos inspections is a great way to feel better before your appointment, so we at Coastal Air Assessments put together this helpful guide for our customers.

Asbestos Inspections 101: What to Expect During Your Next Inspection

During asbestos inspections, you can expect us to take the following steps:

  • Gearing Up for Safety – The inspector should arrive equipped with all the necessary gear to safely inspect as much of the building as possible.
  • Visual Inspection – During asbestos inspections, the inspector must access as much of the building as possible to check for signs of asbestos visually.
  • Friability Testing – Asbestos is dangerous because the tiny fibers can get into your respiratory system and cause issues, so your inspector will likely test many surfaces for friability, which is how easy it is to crumble or reduce to fibers.
  • Taking Samples for Testing – If the inspector determines that there is a need for further testing, they will take samples to examine in a specialized lab. You can expect them to take several samples from any given area to ensure they have the best possible chance of detecting any asbestos present.

Generally, an asbestos inspection technician can inspect a residential property in a single day, but larger buildings may take several days for a full inspection. It’s important to note that the idea that asbestos is only a concern in older buildings is incorrect. In fact, many modern buildings contain some level of asbestos, so asbestos inspections are just as crucial for modern structures as they are for older ones. To schedule an asbestos inspection for your property, contact our team today.