Do You Need Silica Dust Testing?

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As our name states, we at Coastal Air Assessments specialize in air testing. There are many contaminants that can bring down your indoor air quality, and our team can test for all of them to help you keep your air clean and fresh. One of the many assessment services we offer is silica dust testing, and in this article, we’ll go over some key information about what silica dust is and why it’s a problem, as well as a few ways to tell if you need silica dust testing.

Do You Need Silica Dust Testing?

What is Silica Dust?

Silica is a type of crystal found in a wide variety of materials, including stone, gravel, clay, and sand. When these materials are processed, silica dust is released into the air, where your workers can breathe it in.

Why is Silica Dust Dangerous?

Inhaling silica dust has been proven to increase your risk of lung cancer, as well as diseases such as silicosis (which causes scarring on the lungs and makes them permanently stiffen), kidney disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The longer someone is exposed to silica dust, the greater the risk becomes.

Do I Need Silica Dust Testing?

If your business works with any of the materials listed above, we strongly encourage you to have your facility tested for silica dust. Our team can help you figure out how much dust is present in your air, and we can offer suggestions for how best to contain the dust and mitigate the risks it poses.