How Does Allergen Testing Work?

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If you or a loved one have a daily struggle with allergies inside your own home, it could be a good idea to have your air tested for allergens. We at Coastal Air Assessments can help you identify the most prominent allergens in your home and advise you on the most effective ways to remove or reduce these allergens.

How Does Allergen Testing Work?

Here’s how allergen testing works.

  • Special Equipment: We use a laser particle counter to effectively test your air for allergens. This allergen testing will not only tell us what types of allergens are lurking in your home but also which one is the most prominent. Our special equipment allows us to test your property for the most common allergens, including pollen, dust mites, dog and cat dander, cockroach allergens, rat and mouse allergens, etc.
  • Reliable Results: Our high-end equipment allows us to provide you with more timely results than most allergen testing, but it will still take up to a few weeks to get your results back to ensure that we provide you with the most beneficial and accurate information about the allergens in your home. That way, you can notify anyone in your home with those specific allergies and make an informed decision on the best route to take to remove the allergens from your home.
  • Remediation Recommendations: Once you have received your results, we can help advise and guide you in the proper remediation to rid your home of the allergens. We know some of the best remediation companies in the area and can help point you in the right direction once you have decided on a plan of action.

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