Does Your Home Have a Mold Problem?

Schedule a Mold Assessment to Get Answers!

Does your home have a mold problem? If you suspect there’s mold in your house but you’re not completely sure, the next thing to do is schedule a mold assessment. Contact us today to have our professionals come and inspect for mold!

Why should you test your home for mold? Here are some of our top reasons:

At-home tests aren’t always accurate

Toxic mold can spread rapidly if left undetected

Mold can cause significant property damage to your home

Mold can cause illness and health problems, especially if someone in your house has respiratory issues

“As an interior designer, I’m always faced with “hidden secrets” behind the walls. Cory King is the only person I trust to correct the problems and put me and my clients at ease. He is absolutely fabulous!”
–Carolyn K.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Mold Assessment

Most of the time, toxic mold is hidden from view. Find out if your home has mold and do something about it by scheduling a mold assessment. Contact us today!