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A home mold inspection is a must if your property has sustained any type of water damage.

When you live in an area like Stuart, Florida, you can enjoy the benefits that come with warmer weather throughout the year and plenty of sunshine. But the high humidity levels and frequency of storms can be seen as drawbacks, especially if these conditions lead to mold growth within your home. The climate in this area makes structures more prone to indoor mold growth, which can lead to allergic reactions and other unpleasant side effects. Mold growth can also impact your home’s structural integrity as it can cause the framing and other construction materials to weaken.

Home Mold Inspection in Stuart, Florida

At Coastal Air Assessments, we understand the concern that comes with mold growth in a home. Our technicians are trained and experienced in mold remediation and other mold-related services. We start every job with a detailed home mold inspection, which allows us to perform a thorough assessment of the space, review external records, and look into the property’s history. Armed with this information, we can talk to you about our findings and present a plan to eliminate any mold growth effectively.

A home mold inspection is a must if your property has sustained any type of water damage. Major storms, flooding, and leaks can all increase the risk of mold growth. We can also perform an inspection as part of a real estate transaction or if you notice signs of mold in your space. If you have any questions about a home mold inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and get answers.

At Coastal Air Assessments, we provide home mold inspections for customers in West Palm Beach, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.