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Welcome to Coastal Air Assessments, South Florida's premier indoor environmental inspection company. We are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of your indoor environments through our scientifically rigorous and comprehensive consulting services.

Leading Indoor Environmental Inspection Company in South Florida

Coastal Air Assessments specializes in providing scientifically rigorous consulting services to ensure the health and safety of indoor environments for homeowners, business owners, and institutions. Our commitment to transparency and personalized service sets us apart in the industry.

Scientifically Rigorous Consulting Services
Transparency and Personalized Service

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive indoor environmental inspection services to create safe and healthy indoor environments for our clients in South Florida. Our team ensures accuracy and excellence in all our consulting services.

Indoor Air Quality

Expert indoor environmental inspection services to ensure health and safety of indoor environments.

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Home Inspection Services

Comprehensive home inspection services to protect the health and safety of homeowners and families.

Business Inspections

Specialized consulting services for businesses to maintain a healthy indoor environment for employees and customers.

Coastal Air Assessments exceeded my expectations with their thorough and personalized service. I highly recommend them for any indoor environmental inspection needs.

Satisfied Customer

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Indoor Environment Blog

Explore our Indoor Environmental Blog for South Florida insights! Coastal Air Assessments provides expert tips, industry news, and comprehensive guides on maintaining healthy indoor environments. From mold prevention to air quality improvement, our blog covers it all. Stay informed with the latest trends and best practices in indoor environmental health. Visit our blog today to enhance your living and working spaces in South Florida!

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woman reading book sitting on gray sofa