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Pinning Down the Source of the Problem

If you live or are planning to live in a home along the Florida coast, scheduling a professional indoor air assessment should be a top priority. Whether there is something circulating in the air of your home that has already got you sneezing and wheezing, or you’re about to invest in a new home and simply want to play it safe, Coastal Air Assessments has got you covered.

We offer specialized indoor air quality testing services that will pin down the source of a potential problem so that you can take the necessary action to purify your home and protect your family.

Home Air Quality and Mold Assessments

Mold Assessments and Much More

  • For our comprehensive Mold Assessments, we’ll not only seek to identify mold spores that are present inside the home, but we’ll also evaluate the exterior structure, HVAC system, plumbing system, and attic space for active mold growth and deficiencies that could be depositing moisture inside the home
  • If a home tests positive for mold, we’ll provide recommendations for a mold remediation plan so that you have the information you need to take the next step forward
  • We’re also able to conduct a selection of Air Sampling Tests that can check for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), silica, and other airborne allergens that may be unrelated to mold growth

We put together a simplified guide for maintaining quality indoor air

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Included are pro tips on reducing biological pollutants at home and developing a lifestyle that prevents its growth- saving you money on hospitalization and house remediation!

To get your copy of our Simplified Guide To Reduce Biological Contaminants Exposure, please click the link below!


We offer indoor air quality testing services to Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Counties—including the cities of Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Hobe Sound, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta, Jupiter Island, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

At Coastal Air Assessments, we work our way from the outside in, first identifying potential issues at the exterior of the home that could be causing poor air quality inside the home. Our Mold Assessments and Air Sampling Tests are timely, accurate, and a true asset for Florida homeowners. Contact us today! (561) 400-0929

Weekend appointments are available upon request. We accept online payments.

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