We offer many mold-related services.

Do you think your home has mold? We’re here to help at Coastal Air Assessments. We want to help you breathe easier, and we offer a variety of mold-related services to eliminate any mold issue you’re dealing with. Our services include:

  • Limited mold assessments
  • Comprehensive mold assessments
  • Post remediation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) testing
  • Silica testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Environmental site assessment services


We help homeowners throughout the West Palm Beach, Florida area, and we’re dedicated to ensuring the safety of your property. Contact us to schedule an assessment or to learn more about our services.


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Mold Assessments

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Indoor Air Quality in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Volatile Organic Compound Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

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Silica Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Silica Testing

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Allergen Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Allergen Testing

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Environmental Site Assessment Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

Environmental Site Assessment Services

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Asbestos Services

Asbestos Services

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Lead Inspection

Lead Inspection

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