Allergen Testing

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Find Out Which Allergens Are Lurking in Your Home

Are your allergies flaring up? Your indoor air might be filled with harmful allergens. Fortunately, Coastal Air Assessments offers allergen testing services in West Palm Beach and Stuart, FL. We'll use a laser particle counter to test your air for allergens. Our top-of-the-line equipment will provide fast results so that you can begin the remediation process right away.

Don't continue to breathe in pet dander and dust mites. Call 561-400-0929 today to get reliable indoor allergen testing services.

allergen testing Stuart, FL and West Palm Beach, FL

What are you breathing in on a daily basis?

Coastal Air Assessments provides indoor allergen testing services in the West Palm Beach and Stuart, FL area. We can test your structure for:

Dust mites
Dog and cat dander
Cockroach allergens
Rat and mice allergens

Contact us right away to get reliable allergen testing services. Our team offers a number of pricing packages. We'll work with you to make sure you choose the right one.