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Keep you and your family safe by testing for mold.

You want to make sure you and your family are safe at home. However, even after you’ve put sharp objects away so little ones can’t get them and you’ve locked up all of the doors and windows at night, there may still be potential dangers that you can’t see– specifically in the air. Mold growth and spores can be very dangerous, especially if anyone in your home has respiratory problems. If you’re concerned about a possible mold presence in your West Palm Beach, Florida home, call us today and ask about our home mold testing service.

Home Mold Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Home mold testing is especially important if your home has recently had to deal with any sort of flooding or water damage. Mold thrives in dark and damp environments, so it can be a big problem after flooding, leaking, or any other sudden cause for a lot of water in the home. Once it starts growing, mold can spread quickly and cause problems with your health. People with already-present respiratory issues are especially at risk of getting sick, so if you or a loved one has asthma or other breathing issues, be sure to get your home tested for mold as soon as you believe there might be an issue.

We are passionate about helping people feel safer in their homes by alerting them to potential air quality issues here at Coastal Air Assessments. If you’re concerned about a possible mold presence in your home, reach out to us today and schedule your home mold testing service.