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Our experts are here to help you keep your commercial facility free of mold.

If you run a business, you will need to keep your facilities in good condition, and one thing you will need to worry about is mold. Mold can cause a variety of serious problems—for example, it can damage your building, contaminate materials, and affect the health of your employees and customers.

Commercial Mold Testing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Our team at Coastal Air Assessments offers commercial mold testing services to help you determine if mold is present in your facilities. If we find evidence of mold, we can walk you through the next steps you should take to address the issue.

Our team recommends scheduling commercial mold testing services at least once a year, and possibly more frequently if you’ve had mold problems in the past. When you call our team for commercial mold testing, we will visually examine your building and check for moisture problems.

We’ll then analyze the samples to determine if mold is present, letting you know our results right away. If your facility does have a mold problem, we’ll advise you on what to do to deal with it—in most cases, you will need to call a mold remediation company to have them remove the mold for you.

We are proud to serve the West Palm Beach, Florida community, and we want to help you do what’s best for your business. If you suspect you have a mold problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule commercial mold testing right away.

At Coastal Air Assessments, we provide commercial mold testing for customers in West Palm Beach, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Hobe Sound, Port St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.