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A Total Particulate Analysis Can Give You Answers!

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If you always have a runny nose, a dry cough, or red, watery eyes when you’re at home, you might think your house has a mold problem. But there are many different types of materials and biological particles that can affect your skin and your breathing every day. For example, asbestos can be found in drywall mud and gypsum board.

If you want to find out the possible sources of allergy-like symptoms in your indoor space, our team at Coastal Air Assessments can collect surface and air samples to determine what particulates are present.

Total Particulate Analysis

Total Particulate Analysis

During a total particulate analysis, we will determine the concentration of particles in your air and on your surfaces on a microscopic level. Some examples of particles we will test and analyze during this process include:

• Fiberglass and cellulose fibers
Fiberglass and cellulose fibers from insulation, silicates, and soot
• Biological particulates from dust mites
Biological particulates from dust mites, insect parts, and pet dander
Particulates from common household products
Particulates from common household products, like gypsum, talc, and mineral salts
The results of your total particulate analysis will reveal which of these particles are present in your home and which ones are present in excessive amounts. Using this information, it will be easier to determine which corrective actions you should take to improve your indoor air quality and reduce your allergy-like symptoms.

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