Learn More About Environmental Site Assessment Services in this Podcast Episode

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Cory King, the founder of Coastal Air Assessments, was recently featured in a podcast episode. Our company offers environmental site assessment services and is dedicated to ensuring that indoor environments are safe for habitation. Throughout the conversation, Corey took listeners on an exciting journey from his days as a contractor to his passion-driven venture into the world of indoor environmental inspection.

Learn More About Environmental Site Assessment Services in this Podcast Episode

Our team at Coastal Air Assessments undertakes a range of environmental site assessment services. These include inspecting homes for everything from mold damage to traces of dangerous substances like fentanyl. During the podcast, Cory busted some popular myths about indoor air assessments. He stressed the importance of having separate inspection and remediation companies to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure accurate and impartial results.

Air assessments involve using a wide array of equipment to identify potential health hazards that may be present in the air, from allergens to tiny particles that are invisible to the naked eye. The assessments can reveal whether there is an excess of harmful substances in the air, which can lead to a variety of health issues. This information is invaluable, especially for individuals who are experiencing unexplained health problems.

During the podcast, Cory shared that it’s more important to have a thorough inspection than simply to test the air. The inspection process helps to understand what’s happening inside the environment and identify any visible issues. Air sampling is then used to see if there’s amplification beyond what’s visible, serving as another tool in the toolbox for inspections.

Beyond his work in air inspections, Cory shared about his personal life. He’s a lover of old Ford cars and good food, and he also talked about the challenges he faced while starting his environmental site assessment services company. One of the major hurdles he had to overcome was transitioning from a successful contractor to a startup owner. The initial period was tough, but his dedication and perseverance led to the eventual success of Coastal Air Assessments.

Our work at Coastal Air Assessments is crucial in today’s world, where indoor air quality is a major concern. Our company helps people understand the quality of air in their homes, providing them with valuable information to make their living environments safer. With Cory at the helm, Coastal Air Assessments is making a significant impact in the realm of indoor air quality.

Whether you’re concerned about your home’s air quality or simply interested in learning more about this important aspect of environmental health, be sure to check out this podcast episode with Cory King. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and may even be inspired to take steps to improve your own indoor air quality!