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New Year, Pure Air & Pure Dedication with Coastal Air Assessments

The New Year heralds with it new beginnings and new opportunities to start fresh. And what better to way invest in a refresh than to literally breathe in a breath of fresh air?

New Year, Pure Air & Pure Dedication with Coastal Air Assessments

Regardless of whether you’re a real estate agent, remediation professional, or homeowner with your family’s health at heart, indoor air quality assessments can help you further attain your goals as you pursue them into 2022.

Here’s how:

The Reality of Real Estate

When it’s time to put a property on the market, real estate professionals would be wise to invest in indoor air quality testing to ensure the health of the building is not compromised prior to being introduced to homebuyers.

“[Homebuyers] may be able to negotiate with the seller to make the contract contingent upon the results of the inspection,” the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) explains. “For this reason, it is usually in your best interest to conduct your home inspection as soon as possible if you want one.”

Thus, if anything arises, you can tackle the source problem efficiently and expediently. Otherwise, those indoor air quality obstacles may negatively impact the results of a home inspection should one be requested by an interested party.

Reaching Results with Remediators

It’s important that remediation experts be provided with a clear idea of what issue they’re dealing with — and how any extensive existing damage may be — before they potentially expose themselves to harmful airborne contaminants.

Thus, we offer ON-Site results with actionable recommendations that will help to streamline the remediation process.

Additionally, we can return to perform a post-remediation verification assessment. During this inspection, we will determine the overall efficacy of the remediation efforts, thereby shedding light on what needs further attention, if at all.

“You should revisit the site(s) shortly after remediation, and it should show no signs of water damage or mold growth,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “No matter how good the mold cleanup is, if the water problem is not solved, mold will return.”

From Hazards to Health with Homeowners

Industry professionals and commercial property owners are not the only ones who may benefit from the clarity indoor air assessments provide. Homeowners will also be able to find peace of mind and a path to optimized wellness with our results.

Not only can everyday allergens and particles — like pollen or pet dander — impact air quality, but renovations, in particular, may also play a role in the long-term picture of your home health.

“Sometimes, specific contaminants like dust from construction or renovation, mold, cleaning supplies, pesticides, or other airborne chemicals (including small amounts of chemicals released as a gas over time) may cause poor IAQ,” Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

So, are you ready to clear the air in 2022? Then it’s time to reach out to Coastal Air Assessments!

We offer a variety of indoor air quality services, ranging from mold inspections to silica testing and more. If you’re ready to learn more or schedule an appointment with our team, simply contact us by calling (561) 400-0929 or emailing coastalairassessments@gmail.com.

We proudly serve Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast with Pure Dedication to Pure Air!