Signs You Need Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

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The air inside your home is supposed to be clean, breathable, and free of any contaminants or pollutants; however, sometimes, you might feel like you need fresher air inside your home to improve the indoor air quality. If this happens often, you might want to consider indoor air quality testing for your home.

Signs You Need Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

Here are three signs you need to schedule our indoor air quality testing services.

  1. Health or allergy issues: If you find yourself experiencing allergy or cold-like symptoms inside your own home without being sick, there is a good chance you have allergens or mold spores floating in the air of your home. You might notice a chronic sore throat, fatigue, or respiratory issues that could point to the existence of dust, pollen, mold, mildew, or otherwise aggravating your health. Rather than accepting this as normal, you should schedule indoor air quality testing to identify the real issue and see what ways you can improve it.
  2. Recent water damage: If you’ve had recent water damage in your home and have noticed any discoloration in the furniture, floors, or walls, it could be a good idea to test for mold and mildew. With our indoor air quality testing, we can screen your home for mold to see if you might have any mold particles in your home.
  3. Your home was built before 1989: If you’ve noticed the above health concerns or worse without any reasonable explanation and your home was built before 1989, indoor air quality testing can help assess whether asbestos might be present in your home. Asbestos usually starts to cause health issues when disturbed during renovation or remodeling projects, so we highly recommend testing before beginning or continuing such projects.

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