What to Expect from Our Asbestos Testing Services

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It’s common knowledge now that asbestos materials can have very harmful effects on your health, but such knowledge was not widely known before the 1980s. In fact, at that point, construction crews still believed asbestos to be a harmless insulation and building material. Even today, asbestos is commonly used in some structures, although the regulations are a bit stricter. If you think you might have asbestos materials present in your home, it could be a good idea to consider asbestos testing to ensure the safety of your home and family. Here is what you can expect from our asbestos testing services.

What to Expect from Our Asbestos Testing Services

  • Careful examination: Asbestos was once believed to be great for insulation, fireproofing, and more for all kinds of building materials, so we pay very close attention to every area of your home during our asbestos testing to ensure every material that could have asbestos is properly tested. That way, we can deliver the most accurate results.
  • Safe handling: We understand that asbestos can be very dangerous to inhale and is easily released into the air when disturbed, so we take all the necessary precautions when handling the asbestos testing. We wear robust protective equipment to keep our crew safe and work carefully so as not to disturb the asbestos and cause any health hazards.
  • Recommended next steps: After testing your home, we can explain the results of our asbestos testing and recommend the next steps to safely remove any existing asbestos in your home. We can also help you determine whether it is currently safe to begin any renovations or if you should hire remediation services first to carefully remove the asbestos.

The main goal of our asbestos testing is to help you to achieve better and safer air quality for your home. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.