Asbestos Regulations, West Palm Beach, FL

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Asbestos-containing materials have been used for construction and other purposes for thousands of years. And while a connection between asbestos and certain lung cancers was observed long before the 1989 partial ban, the specific dangers associated with asbestos and the data to prove their link have become widely known over the past few decades. There are a number of asbestos regulations in place as a result. If you are worried about whether you are complying with them and whether your home, business, or government building is putting occupants at risk of asbestos exposure, we can help.

Asbestos Regulations in West Palm Beach, Florida

At Coastal Air Assessments, we are familiar with asbestos regulations, and we can provide the information and testing you need to take the proper steps toward compliance. There are many asbestos regulations that have been put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other federal agencies. Furthermore, regulations can vary from region to region. However, we have the experience and knowledge needed to assist you with asbestos regulations in West Palm Beach, Florida.

If you have questions about asbestos regulations, get in touch with our team. We can provide the professional insights you require and make recommendations about how to move forward. Although we do not provide asbestos abatement or removal, we offer asbestos testing and will provide accurate results that you can use to inform your next steps.

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